Before we were a grocery store, we were a small, community butcher shop.

The craft of butchering has been a foundational trade for many of our leaders at Freson Bros. 

We have over 62 years of experience in the meat industry; experience at this stature cannot be replicated easily.  We believe in skill and cutting.  We believe butchers should know the source of their meat.  And we believe in meat that is raised and produced in Alberta.  That's why you will only find Alberta Beef, Pork, and Chicken in our fresh meat counter.  Simply put, we believe in the power of really great meat.

////// Made Only at Freson Bros. //////

Our Smokehouse

Banj's Smokehouse was born out of tradition and heritage. Back in the day, meat in a smokehouse meant families were gathering, which is a value we hold very near and dear to our hearts. We also value hard work and don't take shortcuts.
All of our Banj's Smokehouse products are made from scratch, smoked in-store the old fashioned way with real hardwood. Choose from our selection of jerky, pepperoni, bacon, garlic coil and smoked dog bones. Available in both traditional and a few unique flavour profiles, the hard part will be deciding which one is your favourite!
Oh, and for the record, there is an Uncle Banj whom the Smokehouse is named after!

Our In-store Made Sausage

Did you know the word sausage is derived from the Latin word salsus which means 'something salted'? Our signature Ivan's handmade sausages are delicious and great served on their own or as an addition to pasta, meatloaf, and casseroles. Our in-store sausage-meisters start with the freshest cuts of Alberta Pork, add cured bacon and ham, and finish with signature seasonings that create our legendary original German and sweet German sausage. Available in traditional links as well as a larger coil package.

Just like all good things, you won't be able to eat just one!

///// Fresh Alberta Beef, Pork & Chicken /////

Alberta is cattle country. The open range, the Rocky Mountains, acres of parkland and the fertile farmland of the rolling plains.  Alberta Beef is known around the world as being the best and we're proud to only sell Alberta Beef in our stores.
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Pork is the most commonly consumed protein in the world.  We're proud to say that Alberta produces some of the best pork worldwide.  From charcuterie to chops, bacon to sausages, you can definitely taste our passion for pork at Freson Bros.  

Alberta Chicken is fresh, high quality protein that is raised on family farms throughout Alberta.  Our partner, Mountain View Poultry, is a third generation farm located outside Okotoks, Alberta. 

///// Fresh Fish Promise /////

At Freson Bros. we believe in having the freshest and best quality products available for our customers.

We believe in this so strongly that we created the Fresh Fish Promise especially for you. This means that we bring in only the Freshest Fish every Thursday morning. So you are guaranteed Fresh Fish every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you’re looking for the freshest fish in Alberta, your Freson Bros. Fresh Market guarantees it.