At Freson Bros. our goal is to surprise and inspire our customers

 each and every day, especially in our Market Garden.

  We believe shopping for food shouldn't be a mundane task.  We strive to provide our customers with the very best and we expand on this promise by offering unique items that capture interest and provide inspiration for everyday food life. We focus on variety and seasonality. We source the best quality products we can because size and location DOES matter!

Produce is a wonderful and amazing business. Everything has a season and region, which can all can be impacted by weather events. There are some fruits and veggies you could miss out on completely if you aren't careful because of limited availability or short harvest seasons!  At Freson Bros. we pride ourselves on providing produce favourites like Fiddleheads, Cotton Candy Grapes, Hatch Chile Peppers, Sweet Scarlett Texas Grapefruit, Stem & Leaf Satsumas, Kiwi Berries, Brussels Sprouts on the stalk, Alberta Cantaloupe & garlic, and much more!

We're a locally grown Alberta company

It only makes sense that we value providing our customers with as many Alberta grown products as possible. One bite of  Leffers Brothers Organic Carrots and you will never look at another carrot the same again. Or how about Alberta Cantaloupe?! Yes you heard us right, we started carrying locally grown cantaloupe in 2016.  Freson Bros. is also proud to carry Alberta grown garlic, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, and onions. Each year we are adding new items to this list because you can definitely taste the difference local makes!

A shout-out to our traditional heritage

Root vegetables are best stored at lower temperatures in low light with steady, consistent humidity. That's what you get with our Root Cellars; an environment below room temperature where our root vegetables can thrive. Our Root Cellars provide traditional cold storage for onions, yams, shallots, and garlic so they are guaranteed fresh!


These grape-sized kiwiberries are wonderfully sweet and don't need to be peeled!    

Produce Pro Tip

Start the week off with meals focused on vegetables while produce is at its peak!

Early in the week make salads from crisp lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and lightly roasted squash. Start the week off with lightly cooked meals while produce is at peak freshness.