We believe in the power of a great loaf of bread

How we make our Alberta Sourdough isn't easier but we believe it's a better way of doing things.  We use three simple ingredients, flour, water, and salt - that's it.  Each store cultivates and cares for their own natural mother dough levain, which is where sourdough magic truly happens.  Natural cultures work together to create a truly unique tasting sourdough bread that's only available at Freson Bros.

What is a Mother Dough?

A Mother dough, goes by many names: pre-ferment,  sourdough starter, natural levain, Culture, etc... It is the heart of really great bread. Mother doughs can be maintained and cultured over extremely long periods of time through daily care and the addition of flour and water. Word in the baking industry is that sourdough starters are the oldest known types of natural levainsMagic happens (well science actually, but magic sounds better!) as a mother dough culture is created. It’s a process that defines delicious bread that is hard to re-create any other way.  

There are two main acids produced in a sourdough culture: lactic acid and acetic acid. Acetic acid, or vinegar, is the acid that gives sourdough much of its tang. While lactic acid is what gives sourdough its slightly sour taste and texture. The natural yeast in Alberta and colder climate also combine to produce an exceptional bread, tangy and acidic, with a crunchy crust, and soft, chewy centre, that if we are being honest, is pretty addictive (and not available anywhere else)!! It may be a complicated process and one that needs commitment, but as the saying goes, the best things come to those who wait!

Real Alberta Sourdough
only available at Freson Bros.

currently in two delicious flavours
(more to come as our skilled bakers are always working and testing new recipes out!).