So many choices, so little time

Home cooked comfort food like mom would make!

It's time we let you in on a secret, the focus of our Hot Kitchens is plain and simple, really good food.  This means rugged and rustic, home cooked comfort food.  We focus on Alberta classics, that's why you won't find fancy food or latest food fads on our menu.  We've stepped up the food game in our store and we're not afraid to admit it! The hard part is choosing what to eat.

Why settle for a conventional meal

When you can have high quality, variety and go back for seconds (or even thirds)!  Fill your plate with our all you can eat Pasta Wednesdays and Fish Fridays.

Short cuts don't exist in the Freson Bros. world. 

That's why we slow roast our BBQ Ribs and Pulled Pork for 9 hours before we let it hit your plate.  Deliciousness at this level takes time!

Need something quick to go, we've got you covered. 

Want a delicious, healthier alternative to fast food because your kids have hockey or ballet, we have that too.  We even have pint sized portions for kids, because they matter too!  Family meals, kid's meals and quick meals to go - we have a meal for every appetite!

Freson Bros. is proud to employ Red Seal Chefs and Bakers.

Interested in a career as a chef, check our our careers page to learn about apprenticeship opportunities