At Freson Bros. our passion for food and providing a great shopping experience is only outweighed by our commitment to families and the communities in which we operate. Investing back into our communities is a guiding principle for how we operate our stores and business.

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Take your class on a tour of your local Freson Bros.! Our guides will show students through the aisles of your community store where they learn the importance of a balanced meal, how different nutrients benefit their bodies and more. This interactive learning experience engages students and teaches them to make informed healthy food choices using Canada's Food Guide and grade-appropriate, hands-on activities.

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We know everyone gets bombarded with fundraising requests. Looking for fresh ideas on how to raise funds for your minor sports team, not-for-profit or charity? We have a few ways to help out!

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Do you have an idea for an event you would like us to help with? Contact us today!